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Hello Navi


Lain Iwakura
29 September
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Don't tell me what I can or cannot do!

80's, abandoned asylums, abandoned places, acrobatics, adventure, alice in wonderland, animal rights, animals, animation, anime, apocalypse, archeology, art, autumn, bairro alto, bambi, bd, beetlejuice, blue, books, bugs bunny, caos, cats, cinema, comic books, comics, concerts, cosplay, creating things, cyberpunk, cypresses, d.i.y., dancing, dartacão, david lynch, dharma & greg, donnie darko, douglas coupland, dreams, edgar allan poe, egl, egypt, egyptology, end of the world, ero guro, evil dead, existenz, fire juggling, folklore, foreign languages, friends, fruits, geology, glamour, gore, gothic & lolita bible, gothic lolita, green tea, guro, gymnastics, haibane renmei, hand made, haunted houses, horror, horror movies, human behavior, humans, incense, james kochalka, japan, japanese, japanese cinema, japanese culture, japanese films, japanese food, japanese language, japanese movies, japanese street fashion, juggling, kaos, kinder, league of gentleman, lemon tea, lightnings, lost highway, manga, monthy pyton, moon, movies, museums, music, mysticism, mythology, nature, night, nightmare before christmas, nonsense, occult, old churches, old civilizations, old graveyards, pentagrams, people, percussion, photography, playground, polka dots, post-punk, rabbits, retro, sake, sarcasm, sci-fi, screaming, seitan, sense of humor, serial experiments lain, serra de sintra, shintaro kago, sintra, stars, steampunk, street animation, stripes, sumol, sunset, sushi, takeshi kitano, tattoos, the 80's, theater, thrillers, tim burton, train, travel, trees, tribal instruments, underground, underground places, urban decay, urban exploration, vegetarian, vegetarian food, vegetarianism, victorian era, vitinho, wired, wonderland, writing, yoshitoshi abe